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Sustainable Energy

About us

Pioneering Sustainable Biomass and Carbon Fuel Solutions

At EFEPi, we specialize in providing top-tier biomass products and carbon fuels throughout Europe, designed to enhance sustainable energy practices. Our diverse product lineup includes wood pellets, wood, briquettes, and carbon fuels all carefully chosen to offer environmentally responsible energy solutions.

Our values

Guiding Our Business Philosophy and Decision-Making at EFEPi

At EFEPi, our values are the cornerstone of our business philosophy and guide every decision we make.

Our products

Comprehensive Line of Sustainable Energy Products

Wood Pellets

Our premium wood pellets power sustainable energy systems across Europe.


We offer a variety of wood types tailored for specific heating and industrial applications.


Our briquettes offer dense, high-energy heating from compressed wood scraps and sawdust.

Carbon Fuel

Our carbon fuels are vital for industries reducing their environmental impact.


Dedicated to a Sustainable Future

At EFEPi, sustainability isn’t just a part of our business strategy; it’s at the core of every decision we make. We are committed to leading the industry by example, implementing the most advanced sustainable practices in biomass and carbon fuel production. Our focus is on reducing environmental impact through the entire lifecycle of our products from responsible sourcing to advanced production techniques and beyond.

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